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Osteopenia and Osteoporosis

Our practice offers DXA scan screening, work up and a treatment program for women who have osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Together, osteopenia and osteoporosis affect 44 million Americans and cause two million bone fractures each year. About 50% of women aged 50 or older will have an osteoporotic fracture in her lifetime. These fractures result in pain, loss of mobility, and can even lead to death.

Women 50 or older who have osteopenia may benefit from the FRAX calculation tool, an advanced technology that evaluates an individual’s risk of developing a hip fracture or a major osteoporotic fracture of the hip, spine, wrist or shoulder. Those with 3% or greater 10-year risk of hip fracture, or a 20% or greater risk of a major osteoporotic fracture may be candidates for medication to prevent a fracture.

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